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Increase conversion rates with Auto Chats

One of the biggest challenges website owners face is getting people to contact them when they have a problem or don't understand something.

It's a fact: website visitors are much more likely to become customers if you can answer their questions ASAP, and whilst they're still browsing your website.

If more chats means making more sales, how can we encourage visitors to start chatting? That's where our Auto Chats feature comes in handy, and here's how it works.

Let's say that we want to get visitors who've been browsing our site for 10 seconds to chat with us:

The first time a visitor hits your website, two messages will be sent to them: "Hello," followed by a short pause and a notification that we're typing a message to them:

And then the second message appears, encouraging the visitor to get in touch:

Great, right? But pretty basic at the same time. Wouldn't it be great if we could send a more useful message?

Let's imagine our visitor struggling to understand a checkout page. Since every web address of our imaginary website's checkout process contains the word "checkout," we can set the following Auto Chat:

This is much better. We're waiting for users who've been on a checkout page for at least 60 seconds, and can send them a very specific message:

We can also do some really cool page-specific targeting. Let's imagine our imaginary online bicycle shop has a page listing wheels. This is is what we could set up:

Fantastic, now any visitor who spends a minute browsing our website's "wheels" section will receive an extremely relevant invitation to chat:

Set up a few chat rules like this and you're pretty much guaranteed to increase your conversion rates.

The truly fantastic part is that you can easily measure what's working and what's not. You'll also start picking up tips about parts of your site that are confusing or missing information, further increasing your conversion rates.

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Thomas Buck / owner

Tom is originally from London, UK, and moved to Warsaw, Poland at the end of 2009. Fast approaching his second decade of working with various internet technologies, Tom has a vast knowledge that includes many different areas, ranging from mobile/cell phones and text messaging through to online image matching algorithms, the Polish language, and how to play the piano spectacularly awfully.