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Automatic Chats- Get Your Visitors Involved!

How can I encourage visitors to chat?

Our Auto Chats feature automatically starts conversations with your website's visitors.

How does this work?

Enter one or more messages, tell us when they should be displayed, and TrackChat takes care of the rest.

How often will visitors see my message?

You can choose between first time visitors and returning visitors.

This can be set to happen on a specific page, your entire website, or a mix of the two!

How do I set up an automatic chat action?

Using TrackChat's admin area, you can set up Auto Chats that happen when visitors browse your website:

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A typical Auto Chat might be: "When a user first visits my website, display this message to them."

You can then select how often this should take place - every page, once per visit, or once per individual user - and type in the message (or messages!) to be displayed.