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Track Successes - Find Out What's Working... and What's Not

What is success tracking, and why should I care?

There are basically two reasons for wanting to use live chat on your website: to make more money; and to offer awesome customer service.

The point of tracking successes is to keep a record of when something goes right for you, so that you can repeat it again, and make customers happy / further increase your sales.

By making it really, really easy for you to say "Yep, that chat resulted in a success for me!" we hope you can have more successes, more often.

How will this help me?

You will very soon start to notice patterns in conversations that lead to happier customers or increased sales. Whether it's people asking the same question, having issues with a particular page, or not understanding an item's description, the patterns will emerge that will improve your online presence..

How can I track successes?

Two ways: first by issuing a !success chat command; and secondly by adding a success rule in the tool area:

Track Live Chat Successes

When you add a success rule, you can tell us to mark a chat as a success based on the current page a visitor is viewing (for example, your payment confirmation page), or even for a part of a URL (for example, if you use "payment=success" somewhere in your website's URL).

You can also limit success rules per visit (so if the visitor comes back tomorrow and does something, you can mark them as successful), or limit to a specific visitor (so a given website visitor can only be marked as successful once).