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Visitor Details - Seeing Who's Browsing Your Website

Live Chat Visitor Details

How does this work?

When you have signed into TrackChat using your chat program, visitors currently browsing your website will appear in your contacts list.

What information can I see?

For each visitor, you can see the following information:

  • Location: country and city.
  • IP Address
  • Number of previous visits and chats
  • How long they've been online
  • The current page they're viewing
  • The previous page they viewed
  • Browser name and version
  • Operating System

Do you limit the number of visitors?

No! We do not place any limits on how many visitors you can see, nor how many you can talk to.

Every visitor is important and it would be devastating if you were unable to give support to someone, or recover a lost sale because of an arbitrary limit.

Because TrackChat does not place any limits on visitor numbers you don't have to worry about missing people.

What browsers are supported?

You can chat with visitors using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and FireFox.

What about smartphones?

We support live chat on all smartphone platforms. This includes Apple iPhone and Google Android based phones.