Convert visitors into customers CRM Integration with Live Chat

You can use TrackChat with to create new cases from your live chats. Here's how.

01. Click "Agent" in the top-left menu, and select "Admin"

02. Click "settings" in the top right of the screen.

03. Click "API" in the left-hand menu, and then "Add API Application"

04. Enter "TrackChat" as the name, and in "Website URL". Click "Add."

05. Make a note of your "Key" and "Secret." Click on "Your Access Token."

06. Make a note of your "Token" and "Token Secret"

07. Copy your settings into the integration dashboard for

You can see your subdomain when you are logged in to In this example, it's but you should use your own subdomain.

Put your Key in Consumer Key

Put your Secret in Consumer Secret

Put your Token in Access Token

Put your Token Secret in Access Token Secret

And that's it! You are now set up to create cases (for support or otherwise) in!