Convert visitors into customers

Infusionsoft CRM Integration with Live Chat

You can create new contact records in Infusionsoft from your chats with visitors. We set the contact's name and email address automatically, and put a transcript of the chat in the contact's notes.

Here's how it all works:

01. Find you application name. When you are logged in to Infusionsoft, it will be displayed in your browser's address bar.

02. Enter your application name, username and password in the dashboard integrations area.

03. Turn on automatic sending of chats to Infusionsoft to have this take place once per minute. We will collect visitors' names and email addresses for you!

04. If you don't turn on automatic sending: When chatting, use the !name and !email chat commands to set the visitor's name and email address.

05. Type the !is chat command when you want to send the details to Infusionsoft.

And that's it! You are now set up to use Infusionsoft with TrackChat!