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What makes TrackChat different?

The only service with effective Auto Chats

The only service with no feature restrictions on its subscription plans

The only service that includes SSL & unlimited visitors for all users.

Here's how TrackChat will make you money:

Convert visitors into customers as they browse your website

Give awesome support by being online to answer their questions

Quick setup: add our code to your website, and chat online with our chat console.

Or install the chat program of your choice!

Customize the chat window to match your website

Change the messages to suit your personality. Everything can be customized - or translated!

Quick contact creation with our Infusionsoft integration

See who's on your website and their visitor information. Full page and chat history kept for all visitors

Always be contactable - changes to "Contact Us" form when you're not around

Comprehensive dashboard containing statistics, transcripts, full visitor histories, customization tools and much, much more!

Photos of you and your operators encourage visitors to get in touch

Use Auto Chats to encourage visitors to contact you

Add chat to your secure pages: Secure SSL/HTTPS included in every plan

Create sales leads and support tickets in, Infusionsoft, Zendesk and Salesforce, all direct from the chat window

Set visitor details with TrackChat's !name and !email chat commands, keeping track of people using your website

Also see visitor names and email addresses in your contact list when you use our Javascript API

More features added all the time!

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How TrackChat Works

TrackChat lets you chat with your visitors as they browse your website by adding a small "chat with us" label to the bottom-right of your webpage. If you're not online, we replace the chat window with a "Contact Us" form so that your visitors can still get in touch with you.

It's very easy to get started: sign up, install the code we provide on your website, and load up your chat program. In next to no time, you'll be chatting with your website visitors.

Try TrackChat For Free

TrackChat should make you more money; it's as simple as that. We are so confident, we give you the first 14 days of TrackChat 100% free.

All you need to start your free trial is sign up.

Once you've signed up, install the chat code on your website, install a chat program on your computer, and start chatting with your website visitors straight away.

How TrackChat Delivers

The best way to increase your sales and conversions is to track what works and what doesn't work.

TrackChat lets you set up "success actions," so you can mark a chat as successful if, for example, a visitor chats with you and then reaches your site's checkout confirmation page.

What is live chat, and how does it work?

TrackChat's live chat system connects you and your website visitors so that you can chat with one another whilst visitors are browsing your website.

You need to put our code into your website's HTML, and then install a chat program. When someone browses your website, they'll show up in your contacts list, and if any messages they type into our chat widget will open up as new chats on your computer or smartphone.

Can it be used for live support as well?

Absolutely! Our experience has shown that users are much more likely to quickly type a message into our chat window than they are to try contact and contact a support agent via email.

How do I know who I'm chatting with?

Each visitor shows up in your contact list, along with their location (city and country), IP address, how long they've been online, the web address of the page they're viewing, the web address of the previous page they viewed, which browser (and version) they're using, and what operating system they're using.

What is the chat "widget"?

This is the chat window that appears in the bottom-left corner of this website. If you're online and available, it will say "We're online, chat with us!" and if you're away or offline, it will say "Contact Us."

The magic in TrackChat is if you're not available, it works as a "Contact Us" form, sending emails from your visitors without you having to do any extra work.

Does it work for all visitors?

We support every browser from FireFox 3 and Internet Explorer 6 upwards. TrackChat also works with Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. The only time TrackChat won't be displayed is if the visitor has Javascript disabled.

People visiting your website using their phone can also chat with you, and will be displayed in your contact list.

What chat programs does TrackChat work with?

TrackChat will work with any chat program (sometimes called a chat client) that says its supports Jabber or XMPP. On your computer, we suggest using Pidgin, Adium or Trillian. On your smartphone, we suggest either or BeeJive. You can also use's online interface.

We provide full instructions for setting up Pidgin in our members area. For other chat clients, you will either be asked for an XMPP username, domain and password, or a Jabber username and password. For XMPP, use the username and password you used when signing up, and enter as the domain. For jabber, use [username you registered with] and the password you signed up with.

Can I change the words in the chat window?

Every piece of text in the chat window can be changed in the members area, including the "We're online" and "Contact Us" indicators.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! The simple truth of the matter is that TrackChat's live chat features should make for noticeably more sales and happier customers. We're so confident of this that you can add live chat to your site free for 14 days, with no commitments, and no restrictions on its use.

Where can I test how the chat window works?

Try using the chat window on our site now - we're happy to talk, or if you just want to play with the system, tell us and we'll help you to do so :-)

What payment options do you accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal and can also invoice you if you wish to pay us by direct bank transfer. We issue invoices for all payments, and if you're based in Europe, all is well: these are EU VAT invoices.

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